Rain, rain, go away

It was raining ALL weekend!

Skies are still looking a little gloomy. Which gives me a feeling of peacefulness, at least while I am indoors. Driving during the rain, WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY! One of the windshield wipers broke off while I was driving home from work this weekend, it was so scary! Luckily, I work late and there are not too many cars on the road while I drive home. I was able to wait for the rain to calm down and got home safely!

With that said, I used the weekend and the rain as an excuse to stay at home eating soup and watching rom coms.  Which is exactly what happened this weekend, except substitute soup with pizza, and lots of it! It was a great weekend, spent with my little sister, my best friend and the Dallas Cowboys.

With all the rain my spray paint studio was off limits. My balcony is uncovered, which is usually really nice because I love the sun, but not ideal for any projects during the rain.

Here is a view of the little river that formed under the bridge to get to the front office. Doesn’t it look so pretty! This was the view from inside my apartment. Didn’t realize you could notice the screen but I kind of like it 🙂 lol

Here is another one 🙂  I wish the river was there year round! It looked so cool and flowed almost the entire weekend!

The river is all gone for now, which means my spray paint studio is back! It also means my little gnome is squeaky clean after its non-stop 72 hour long shower. But mostly this means I will have projects to share soon!

I worked on a little sumthin’ today! Waiting for it to dry! I can’t wait to share 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I know I will be enjoying the sunshine and this cool Texas weather! It’s around 86 degrees y’all! What I like to call, cardigan with shorts weather!

Anyhoo, I will catch up with y’all soon!


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