Pinspire Me: Chalkboard Paint

I know I am really late on this trend…but I have wanting to try chalkboard spray paint. I am still not sure if I have found the right frame for the project, so I have been going pinterest crazy looking at a few tutorials. Hopefully this means I will be overly-prepared once I decide to try it 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite examples:
*I decided to share these because sometimes I feel like a Pinterest hoarder, feels better to share them then leave them tucked away in the interweb*



This one has a bunch of examples. And some really good step-by-step instructions.



This blog has a lot of great general spray painting tips. This post focused on, you guessed it, chalkboard spray paint! Lots of sweet tips, I know I will be glad I pinned this.



This post also offers really great step-by-step instructions, which I really need. And the end result is just beautiful!



This post is also amazing, with great pictures to follow. But I love how much she talks about the content the chalkboard will display. Now it has me thinking of what to write or draw and its purpose. I just love what she has come up with!

All these fantastic posts really have me thinking about my next diy! I hope I am able to come up with something soon! As soon as I find the right frame!

Til then, I hope everyone has a great week! I am really looking forward to a few yoga classes this week, hoping it will help me balance my crazy life out 🙂


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