Folding Party!

I am going to be completely honest right now. It is really embarrassing to reveal this secret but I’ll do it anyway because it will explain why I am so excited for this Pinterest post. Since I moved in, back in May, I had not completely finished unpacking my clothes. Some of it was still in boxes in one corner of my room, most was in and around my dresser. Mostly, this happened because I am lazy, but also because I felt I did not have enough space to store all of my clothes. Especially all my lazy day t shirts (and no worries, I have sworn off free t shirts). Well, thanks to this amazing, life changing post that I pinned a while back, my room is so much cleaner, and all my clothes is organized and neatly displayed! I guess my job at Old Navy wasn’t a complete waste of time!

ImageThis is the before picture. And you may think “Oh! That’s not bad at all!” Well, that was only half of what I needed to fit into that one drawer. I was already planning my next trip to Ikea to find another dresser. So this tutorial ended up saving me about $100!


That is the rest of the pile I had to stick in there. I have no idea how it all fit at my old apartment. That’s probably why I always rotated my 5 favorite shirts. Now I can be re-united with old favorites! And yes, those are Shrek ears in the background. I have no idea where I got them, but now I really want to be Princess Fiona for Halloween 🙂


Ta-da! The after shot! And I am happy to report that it still looks like that! It even has extra room for more tshirts! Which is good since school is starting back up soon. 


I am seriously so happy about this! It was also really easy to do!

I am not posting a tutorial because the step by step instructions are so great on the post I read (I’ll link it HERE again) The only tip I have that I didn’t read is to stack your tshirts horizontally first on the ground in a stack, then flip the stack as you are putting it into your drawer. Otherwise a single shirt will fall over. 

This is something that has really made a difference for me lately. Does anyone think they will try this sometime? 

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am hoping for a chill one, with lots of thrifting. P.s. I need to show y’all the great things I bought last weekend with my sisters! I will do that next week 🙂



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