Love it when this happens!

About a month ago I took part in a few Craigslist wars looking for a dining room table. I was looking for something made of wood, something I could spray paint and something round. It was such a miracle when I found the perfect table! A huge round table with a removable leaf to make it longer, which I have in at the moment. And the best part, it is BRIGHT red! Like fire truck red, maybe a little darker. I am in love with it!

Here it is, naked, in need of a few chairs and maybe some table accents.


It was in perfect condition when I bought it from a really nice family who was moving, so I got a really sweet deal on it, $30! The pick up is definitely a funny story, I hope I do it some justice right now 🙂

I had been texting back and forth with the woman who was selling the table. I was waiting for the weekend to have time to rent a Uhaul or find a friend with a truck. As I was walking into my physical therapy appointment she tells me there is more interest and she would hold it for me for a few hours! I freaked out, thankfully it was my last PT appointment so I was able to leave early and drive up north, sweating through Austin traffic trying to make sure I make it in time, as you can see, I DID!

Once I found the cute little home the woman and her adorable son greet me at the door. They lead me inside and we start to bring the table out, it was pretty heavy, very sturdy, thank goodness they were sooo helpful. We get to my car, and find out it is not going to fit:


Yea, no way was it ever going to fit! We took out the leaf, put that in my trunk, which was filled with boxes because I was still moving. Still, no luck. I had to be at work in about an hour and was about to say forget it, blame it on my poor planning skills. Luckily right then, her super duper helpful husband showed up!


He came up with the brilliant idea of taking it apart, putting the screws in my wallet and sticking it inside. Even in four pieces it was tough to fit through! His friend from across the street had to come over to help! I could not stop laughing! I definitely over-estimate my little car! In the end, it fit, very snug, had to move my seat up a bit, but it fit! Took five people to make it work but it worked! And I am sooo glad because I am so happy with it, and I think it definitely complements my style! Now I’m in search of some equally cool chairs! But that’s another story!

Anyhoo, I was already happy with my table, have had it for about a month, and get so may compliments on it. This weekend my best friend and I decided to walk into Pier 1, our friend used to work there and we miss his discount! After pulling myself away from a beautiful mirror that I am hoping is still there this weekend, I stumbled across an almost exact replica of my table!


In case you can’t see the price tag on this beauty that says, $399.95! I freaked out! Definitely made me appreciate my table that much more, and the beauty of Craigslist, and the helpful family who helped me pick out my first dining room table!

I am the biggest advocate for Craigslist shopping! You never know what you will find, and you never know what its worth! I can’t wait to show y’all the finished dining room once I find some awesome chairs! For now I am calling it my buffet table 🙂


3 thoughts on “Love it when this happens!

  1. OMG! ths totally reminds me of all my Craiglist stories..I am sure I already told you of all my finds but I have to say Craiglist adventures are always interesting! although upon my arrival I would still think they’re possibly a serial killer,or going to kidnap me.. thankfully they prove me wrong..lolz!

    p.s. love the table!!

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