What I’m starting with….

So, I want to start off with a little description of my apartment….

I posted the floorplan to show you a little bit of what I’m working with.

I chose the second floor with a fireplace and patio. I love the patio!

The bathroom is pretty tiny, but that’s ok, I don’t sleep in there 🙂

The living room is a great size! Definitely bigger than the living room at my old place. 

So is the bedroom!!! I love my bedroom size, it’s so much bigger than my old place, except now I am tempted to look for more furniture. 

So far, I am loving my new space. And this is my favorite time, decorating time! I don’t have to clear any of it with anyone else! Maybe with my best friend since she has to hang everything up for me since I can never see a straight line. I have a few things up already, and I cannot wait to share them with you, which will be soon, I promise 🙂

Until then, wish me luck as I hit up a few thrift stores looking for the perfect tv stand.


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